72 Hours in Utah

Just in time for Christmas and the new year!

Wanna travel but have no time off? No worries, I find myself in this situation quite often. When I have no paid time off to take, I make the most of long weekends and plan for quick getaways to quench my traveling thirst.

Dead Horse State Park Viewpoint

Utah has been on my radar for almost two years now, but with other commitments planned ahead I had not the time to spend a whole week there. Having five national parks and plenty of state parks, Utah can become a hiker or nature lover’s best friend. Here’s how I managed to spend 72 hours in Utah and had an incredibly relaxing, jaw-dropping, deep-breath-taking time.

Double Arch


There’s no trick here, but we were able to maximize our time in Utah due to our flight schedule. We flew in on Thursday evening after work, landing on Salt Lake right at midnight on Friday. Our return flight left Salt Lake at 8pm on Sunday (ok, so not exactly 72hrs but you get my drift). That allowed us a full day Friday, Saturday, and most of Sunday.

View of the Windows Arches


As I keep learning about different national parks across the US, I couldn’t decide on which National Park to visit out of the five that Utah has. After much debating with myself, I finally opted for Arches National Park which is in Moab. Moab happens to be about 4.5hrs south of Salt Lake, so that was a road trip in itself.

View from the North Window arch


I try not to be a stricter when it comes to travel but certain things do need to be considered; such as weather conditions and park closures, to ensure you don’t miss out on your trip, or miss your flight back home!

Located in Salt Lake City, excellent breakfast!

Having these things in mind, we spent very little time in Salt Lake City, but we had enough time for delicious breakfast at The Park Cafe on Friday before heading on the long drive to Moab, and also dinner at Finca Spanish Tapas before our returning flight on Sunday. Although we arrived to Moab late in the afternoon, we were able to sneak into Arches National Park for free and watch the sun set. That’s when we realized we needed to come back and spend more time at this park.

Sunset @ Arches National Park

The following day we woke up to dark skies and thundering rain, which causes flash floods on the parks. We intended to visit both Arches and Canyonlands all on Saturday and quickly decided that it would not be an enjoyable time to squeeze so much in one day! We stuck to Arches National Park and had the best time. There are several hikes around the park, each categorized by its level of difficulty.

View of La Sal Mountains from our room

On Day Three, Dead Horse Point State park took us by surprise. Being conscious of our return time to Salt Lake, we strolled through the vast terrain of Dead Horse State Park and absorbed ourselves in the views of the canyons.

View of La Sal Mountains on our second morning

On the way back to Salt Lake we made a pit stop at Mill Fork Cemetery, probably weird but my curiosity got the best of me so we ended up going in. Turns out the cemetery is the only remaining landmark from the ghost town of Mill Fork. We noticed most graves were that of young children, with the exception of a few families.

Creepy Place

We ended the weekend with tapas and drinks back in Salt Lake City and hopped on our red-eye flight back to Miami. I went straight to work that morning, I don’t personally recommend that type of torture to anyone but if you really have to then go for it! What are some weekend getaways that you’ve absolutely loved? Share below.


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