About Me

Born and raised in the Dominican Republic, my first taste of travel came at the age of ten when I moved to Chelsea, Massachusetts (ten minutes south of Boston) with my father and siblings. As a child and teenager my travels consisted of visiting my mother and the rest of my family in the Dominican Republic. I would spend every summer back home until I became of legal age (responsibilities suck!)

At the age of twenty I moved to Miami to continue my studies in Hospitality Management. It was while I was in college that I experienced my first international vacations outside of the Dominican Republic. I was able to go on my first cruise, which went to Cozumel, Mexico and I also spent one summer studying abroad in Belgium. From then on my love of travel has reached insatiable levels and I am constantly craving to travel.

Now that I turned thirty (yikes, still can’t get used to saying that!) I make every attempt possible to visit new places while still making time to visit Mami in DR and Papi in Boston. I have a full time job, have met the love of my life and have two great siblings and friends; who are becoming just as passionate as me about traveling. I have been blessed to have visited 29 countries by the age of 29, and soon enough will be going to my 30th country!

To me, travel is the only addiction that is healthy and enriches you. I say that it is addictive because once you experience a destination that changes your life, you will never revert to your old self. You will want to continue to have these experiences and will make travel part of your life no matter what, no matter how.

My Curly Wanders was born out of my love for travel and my love and appreciation for my hair. My intent is to share  about my experiences and tips, I might get a little personal but hey, it’s a blog so it’s personal. I hope that my blog serves as an inspiration to anyone who believes that traveling is impossible, to those with a million excuses as to why they can’t travel. If can do it, so can you!